Growth Groups

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are a great way to get plugged in to a small group in your community and grow spiritually. These groups seek to dig deeper into God’s Word, pray for more personal spiritual needs, foster an atmosphere of accountability and vulnerability, develop deeper relationships, create opportunities to mutually care for one another, and outreach into our communities with the gospel!

Growth Group Together (June 1st - August 31st)

Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 6pm CST

Location: Church Fellowship Hall

Leader: For the summer time, our groups will be coming together

Growth Groups in Homes (Relaunching in September)

Dale Group

Meeting Time: Mondays at 6pm CST

Location: The Halder’s

Leaders: Pastor Justin Halder & Noah Fritchley

Santa Claus Group

Meeting Time: Mondays at 6pm CST

Location: The Barnett’s

Leaders: Pastor Paul Jordan & Corey Mauck

Lamar Group

Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 6:30pm CST

Location: The Rademacher's

Leaders: Pastor Aaron Scott & Roger Radigan

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